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Client: Not A Lemur

Date: September 18, 2017

Online: www.facebook.com/NotaLemur/

Rhythmic guitar, ukulele and sweet melodies carried by angelic vocals - Not a Lemur offers a unique brand of progressive folk/alternative rock. Residing in Brisbane, Australia, Rubi Matthews (vocals & ukulele) and Dom Smith (guitar & bass) formed Not a Lemur in mid 2013 as a busking project after writing and performing together in various bands since 2011. They met at JMC Academy in 2010 where they studied Popular Music and Performance and began writing and performing original music together. Sharing a love of inspiring alternative music, they strive to contribute a breath of fresh sound to music lovers the world over.
"...Not A Lemur present a progressive pop approach to traditional folk, blending girl and boy harmonies with ukulele and acoustic guitar. The description sounds a little run of the mill, but their interpretation of the acoustic duo formula is highly enjoyable, and I’m surprised at the sweetness of the atmosphere. Not A Lemur are just lovely and I realise how lucky I’ve been to discover this hidden little gemstone between other better-known acts. They’re a darling talent and full of sweet melodies..." - Jimmy Sky, AAA Backstage, 23/8/2014 [Valley Fiesta Live Review]

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